Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals





Then you already know that you probably need a game plan and regular guidance when it comes to your growth as a bodyworker within this ever changing industry. 

So, I'll save you the spiel. 

You've probably heard that professional bodywork is a 16 billion (yes, BILLION) dollar per year industry, which is PROJECTED TO QUICKLY GROW 22% over the next decade; much faster than average than other occupations. 

This means that its CRITICAL that you are actively working on your professional growth and development with your career goals, and start becoming clear on what type of bodyworker you're wanting to become.

When you discover this first step on your career journey, you will not only leverage your time more effectively which enables you to make less mistakes, but it also immensely helps you attract the right type of paying client right into your practice. 


...and to begin creating new outcomes that are in alignment with what you REALLY want to achieve in your career, and your life in just 6-weeks! 

You can do this without the confusion and overwhelm of where to begin and without doubting yourself which ultimately is keeping you stuck.

Here is what you might not know

Even if you're lucky enough to have your own business with a consistent marketing plan & strategy which is bringing in regular clients; when you seek out professional growth & development coaching, it will enable you to...

Command higher rates

If  you are like most industry professionals, you are probably undercharging for what you do.

When you learn to let go of the fear to charge more, you set your rates like the successful entrepreneur/business owner you are.

start building your dream practice

This could be your own home-based business, mobile practice, or even a multi-disciplinary clinic.

Having the confidence and courage to move forward on your career goals puts YOU in control of where your time and money is invested.

Attract the right type of ideal client

When you have a clearer focus on what direction you are headed within your bodywork profession, you can easily determine who your ideal client is and what problem area you specialize in.

When you have this clear goal established, you can get your clients to where they need even faster, which in turn has them telling all their friends. 

Remove worry of competition

Think of how good its going to feel to not have to be concerned about what the competition down the street is doing.

I mean really... what competition!?

Competition only exists if you're doing the same thing as they are in the same way. When you become clear on who you serve and why, it sets you in a league of your own.

This is also known as a niche, which you will become well versed to learn how to do this in your own career.

freedom to create your own schedule

Work/life balance is a BIG deal, especially in this day and age; however, when you aren't operating under a clear plan toward a determined destination, it can often feel like that balance is way off!

When you're working toward what you truly desire to accomplish for yourself within your bodywork career, you can allocate your time how YOU see fit.

This means more time doing the things you truly love, and less time building someone else's business goals.

Establish respect as an expert in your field

Why is it that bodyworkers have to work so hard to gain respect from both society and other complimentary modalities?

It's because in order to be taken seriously as a healthcare and wellness provider, you must establish yourself as an expert in what you do, which gets your clients results.

When you learn how to adopt a specialty in what you do, it becomes a complete game changer for not only your pocket book, but also for your confidence as the professional you are.

Even though working on your professional growth and development is a complete no brainer for ANYONE wanting to become a success, understanding what steps to take first and where to go from here is anything but!

Creating a game plan so you can gain confidence and clarity to quickly grow your bodywork career sounds AMAZING...


Perhaps you have already made the decision to grow your career...

and that THIS is going to be the year that everything was going to change for you where you were going to make some big improvements in your bodywork career; however, world events happened and all of that was put on hold!

Not only that, but your entire life has been disrupted by not being able to work on your clients, and the fear of not knowing when you were able to go back to work.

Now here you are, back to the drawing board and ready to take another stab at creating those much needed changes what you're building for yourself.

You may have been listening to what others are doing and from that you have jotted down some ideas of how you want your business to look with all these changes going on, how much money you want to earn, what are of focus you want to specialize in and maybe even come up with a new business name for yourself.

And maybe if you've been super eager, you have already been taking some extra online marketing programs, or maybe even learning some new modalities to add to your repertoire; however, even with the best intentions most bodyworkers who are wanting to grow their careers and scale their businesses end up abandoning their exciting ideas to remain in a repetitive loop of the same old familiar results.

Here is why most bodyworkers end up abandoning their ideas to grow their business.

Without understanding a process of how to clearly articulate those exciting ideas they have in their mind into a clear game plan, and as well without having an image in their mind of who they want to professional grow into as a specialist in their field, most bodyworkers become completely lost in the overwhelm.

They become trapped in a vicious circle of pessimism and negative thinking about what they can and cannot accomplish within their careers. They think that if they learn confusing marketing strategies that lack a clear aim of who they're marketing their services to and why, that it will solve their problems and magically create those wanted results. 

This way of doing things is irreversibly damaging

If you want to become that massage therapist/bodyworker who has regular loyal clients, feels challenged, grows themselves in their career while consistently bettering themselves as individuals; then you literally cannot afford to not have a clear direction and path to head toward.

The moment you put your desires on the back shelf, it can feel impossible to get back into it!

Therefore, having the right professional growth & development program and support network to lean on, is something you want to get right the first time. Luckily for you, there are very few professionals within this industry who are even doing it right either.

In all likelihood, your "competitors" have either failed in growing their business in the way they wanted because they were never taught in massage school the information that is necessary for achievement of their career goals, OR, they keep hoping and wishing that one day the right circumstances will happen for them which launches them into success.

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, as I believe anything is possible; however, that day where achievements & success just falls into your lap rarely ever comes.

So, even if you're a little late to the professional growth and development party, there is still a golden opportunity for you to jump back into it and begin building a practice that attracts quality clients and converts into profits.

That is... if you can avoid the same goal planning, career growing mistakes that your competitors are making, especially through these current world events.

The 5 Reasons Why Most Bodyworkers Won't Achieve What They Want in Their Careers

Reason # 1

They market their services to anyone & everyone

Truth be told, marketing your services isn't overly complicated; however, knowing who you're marketing to and why is one of the most important aspects to a successful marketing plan, and this is where most massage therapists and other bodyworkers waste A LOT of money trying to figure out on their own.

When you market your services to anyone and everyone, you serve no one. This is the long road to success and you will most likely reach burnout, before you reach your goals.

Instead, you want to become clear with what specific problem you're solving for your target market, and WHO that target market even is.

To achieve this, you first need to know what area it is you're focusing on, who you're serving with that focus, then VALIDATE your idea through a proven process that most ALL successful businesses use.

Reason # 2

Their business is unsustainable because their rates are WAY too low

If you are like a lot of massage therapists these days, then you are probably overworked and underpaid! This is because you're having to take in more clients to make a decent enough income to live off of. 

I hate to break it to you, but unless you start charging your worth without feeling guilty about it, then you will always be giving away your services for very little return. 

It doesn't have to be this way and you can absolutely break free from the lack of self-worth and confidence that is determining how much to charge for what you have spent tens of thousands of dollars for education and training on. 

Contrary to popular belief, you WILL NOT lose your clients; in fact, you will gain clients! In order to start charging like the specialist you are, you must learn to start thinking like a specialist!

Reason # 3

They don't have the time to focus on their own professional growth & development

Time is something that we all only have a certain amount of, so HOW that time is spent is incredible important. Time is indeed money for a massage therapist business owner/entrepreneur, as we in fact charge for it. 

If you're using the reasoning that you simply "don't have the time" to work on the growth of your business and career, then you're undoubtedly not using it wisely. 

Not having enough time sounds legitimate, important even; however, 99% of the time it simply isn't true as it's a mindset trap you must break free from. 

Next time you catch yourself saying "I don't have time," try saying "It's just not a priority for me," and see how it changes the meaning of what you're saying. 

What separates successful bodyworkers from those who seem to remain repeating the same old results, is that that they recognize where their time must be spent if they want to reach their income goals.

Reason # 4

They lack the self-confidence to move forward on what they REALLY WANT for themselves

Battling with a lack of self-confidence can be one of the toughest things to navigate through. It can literally have you turning away from what you really want to do within your career, and remaining stuck in a J-O-B you don't like OR have you making excuses to why you cannot take action on your dreams. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that not a lot of people will tell you, which is that some of the most successful people had to learn how to DEVELOP confidence when they decided to go after their dreams. They understood that confidence isn't something you're born with, it's something you have to develop. 

The problem is that no one has taught you how to develop your confidence; instead, you believe that it's just the way you are. 

When you learn the mindhack tools required to begin developing the self-confidence of the successful bodyworker you're capable of becoming, doors of opportunity begin to open for you, and in turn, a rewarding career.

Reason # 5

They are NOT clear on their business and career goals

It is PROVEN by many studies that people who set clear and worthy goals in their businesses and careers are 5 x more likely to achieve them. 

The simple act of determining what you want, then writing it down and revisiting it often, can be the difference between accomplishing your goals and giving up on your dreams. 

The problem here is that most bodyworkers have never been shown how to set worthy and effective goals, and then end up either setting their goals way too low... or setting the wrong goals all together. 

When you learn the process of HOW to properly set goals within your career, you can then piece together the moving parts within everything you do because it will be in complete alignment with YOUR goal! 

Effective goal setting is truly the fast track to achieving what you want.

Shhh... I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though massage therapy is a rapidly growing industry, its not an evenly distributed one. Few people will really tap into how to become successful in it, while others will become an industry burnout statistic of only 5 to 7 years! 

And the main reason for this, as I'm sure you have seen by now, while barriers to entry into this profession are relatively low... the barriers toward creating a  fulfilling and lucrative career in it are quite high! 

As long as you can avoid the things that other struggling, unhappy bodyworkers overlook, the direction you must go and the path of how to achieve it becomes paved for you. These are achievements that create more freedom in your schedule, more income, and that make a positive impact on the right type of clients for you and your practice. 

The true ingredient in bridging the gap between what you want in your career and achieving it, is through the Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals program; and with your permission, that is exactly what I'd like to show you how to create.


Massage Therapist
Success Fundamentals

6 Week Online Digital Coaching Program

I've taken everything I've learned from my 15 + years of being a Massage Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist Entrepreneur...

helping bodyworkers break through the mindset traps that are keeping them blocked from achieving success within their careers, and have channeled it into a comprehensive 6-week self-study online digital program for industry professionals just like you!

Not only did I own and operate my own successful wellness practice, but I have also mentored and worked under some of the world's leaders in human growth & potential such as Bob Proctor and Angela Lauria.

I am as well a Published Author of the best selling book called Massage Therapist Success Mindset, which is dedicated to  professional bodyworkers and what this program is an in depth extension of.

Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals is the ONLY program of it's kind that...

Helps you discover WHO it is you're marketing to and why.

Helps you become clear on what you want to specialize in so you can charge the rates that will have you working less, and earning more!

Shows you how to develop productive habits so you can focus on what truly matters, which is your own professional growth, and the growth of your business.

Teaches you how to understand what that fear which is holding you back really means, and how to utilize it to your advantage so you can create the successful bodywork career you really want.

Gets you started right away on articulating what you want, into a goal you're eager and excited to work toward.

So if you're FINALLY ready to begin doing more with your bodywork career, while moving past the crippling fear and lack of confidence that is holding you back


Week 1

Establishing Your Business/Career Goal

Let's start with the launching pad for any successful business endeavor- formulating your ideal into a clearly articulated goal that you can build off of and work toward.

Here, you will discover the different types of goals and why so many bodyworkers set their goals way too small (if they even set them at all), which leaves them frustrated and spinning their wheels.

This week is all about discovering what a successful business might look like for you, then articulating that goal into the My Action Planner workbook, which is going to get that success momentum moving in the right direction for you!

Week 2

Discover Your Career Niche

Now that you have a general idea of that business/career goal you're working toward, this week you are going to discover what your specialty is going to look like (also known as a Niche).

This is the week where you begin to identify yourself as the expert in your craft and separate yourself from your "competition" who is trying to serve everyone and anyone - which you already know is the slow road to success (if it's even reached at all).

Expect your goal to change slightly after this exciting week as you begin to discover a new awareness about WHAT problem you're focused on solving for WHO.

Week 3

Understanding What's Keeping You Stuck

This is where we get into the exciting and fascinating aspects of success creation within your bodywork career. This week you're going to learn some incredibly powerful information that is going to raise your awareness to information about WHY it is you get the results you do, which you wont learn in any other traditional professional growth coaching programs.

You are going to learn about the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, repeating the same frustrating results over and over in your career, and also how to correct it (which I'm guessing is why you're here in the first place).

After week 3, you're going to walk away with a greater understanding of how the mind works to create 95% of the results you get because after all, how do you improve on something you don't understand.

Week 4

Harness the Incredible Power of Your Mind for Success

By week 4 you will have a deeper understanding of how your mind operates to create your outcomes (wanted & unwanted).

You will also be ready to learn how to consciously begin creating your own mental program for the achievement of what success looks like for you in your bodywork career.

You will discover how to create new mindset shifts & productive habits within yourself that will not only produce desirable outcomes within your career, but also your life!

When you become a student of the mind, you open doors to opportunities you didn't previously think was possible AND you can apply this process to ANY area of your life for optimal outcomes.

Week 5

How to use FEAR to Accelerate Your Professional Growth & Development

This is an exciting week because you're going to learn all about what FEAR in business really means, which is going to absolutely change the meaning you place on this limiting and sometimes destructive emotion that undoubtedly is keeping you stuck.

This can be anything from fear of failure, fear of success, fear of raising your rates, fear of starting your own business, fear of asking for more, or even simply fear of not being good enough.

After week 5, you will begin developing  a new relationship with fear so you can use it to your advantage which will launch you into business success. 

Week 6

Learning How to Create a Confident Self-Image

The one thing that separates successful and fulfilled professional bodyworkers from those who are struggling to stay afloat and to keep their passion alive, is a confident self-image.

Confidence isn't something you're born with, it's something that needs to be learned, developed and nurtured to grow.

In this final module, you're going to create even more momentum toward your success by learning how to embody a confident, driven, and successful self-image that you will be able to apply to any area of your career, and your LIFE!

This means no more feeling like a fraud, or feelings of a lack of self-worth because you will become empowered with the knowledge and tools of how to embody a  successful self-image; one that matched that incredible, confident bodyworker you were meant to be.


As a student of the Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals program, you have the TWO program packages to choose from and optimize your professional growth journey experience.

BRONZE package 
(Total value = $1550)

This is simple option is PERFECT for those professional bodyworkers who want to work completely at their own pace, on their own time and who want to allow the process to unfold naturally for them on their own terms. Sometimes students want to enroll into the program at it's current price, but start a bit later when they are ready.

Here is what you get with the Bronze Package...

MTSF Program 

Lifetime access to the Massage Therapist Success Fundamental 6-Week Digital Program. 

The MTSF program includes videos, worksheets and several extras over the 6 weeks of for goal setting, niche discovery, and all kinds of professional growth mindset tools and tricks, which you only wish you learned in massage school.

This is going to set you up for long term success in your career and is also transferable in anything you do! 

Private alumni Facebook Group

Professional growth and development is a life long journey, not a specific destination.

As a student of the MTSF program you will get access to the Alumni Facebook group where you can continue the conversations, and interact with other like-minded past program participants in the group.

Unlimited Monthly open coaching

You will get regular invites to a monthly open coaching call with all the other alumni students.

You will be asked to submit a question within 24 hours before the call to get some direct support based on your unique situation, OR, you can simply just log in and listen.

Each month is a different topic which is mostly revolved around mind-hack techniques that you can use to enhance your professional growth experience

Weekly Payment Plan Available - See Details on Checkout Page

GOLD package
(total value = $2254)

Now, THIS is the mother of a coaching packages and is PERFECT for the industry professional who wants to jump right in and get the VIP learning experience. The GOLD PACKAGE includes everything in the silver package, PLUS it offers you FOUR exciting complimentary bonuses to go with the Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals program.

Here is what you will get if you become a GOLD PACKAGE student...

14 Day Niche Discovey Bootcamp

Gain full unlimited access to one of the most popular MT Success Mindset programs, 14 Day Niche Discovery Bootcamp.

In it you will discover in even more depth how to identify and implement your career niche which will set you up for success even more than you could imagine!

This program is an immensely valuable compliment to what you will be learning in the Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals program.

This value packed self-study course is worth 8 CEUs through the NCBTMB.

CLICK HERE to read more about this unique one of a kind program.

MT Roadmap to great client testimonals

Why guess the process of getting a fantastic testimonial, when you get just get the roadmap and cut months off your journey!

The Massage Therapist Roadmap to Great Client Testimonials has helped many professional bodyworkers not just obtain client testimonials that convert other similar paying clients; but also, empowered them to build on the most important aspect of your business - the relationship you have with your clients.

When you Enroll in the GOLD PACKAGE, you get full access to this fantastic program.

Did I mention it's worth 1 CEU through the NCBTMB?


You aren't going to have to send out your testimonial emails without guidance! 

Normally these email templates are an upgrade to the MT Roadmap to Great Client Testimonials program; however, you will get all of these templates INCLUDED with the GOLD PACKAGE.

This is not only going to help you craft the PERFECT email communications for the entire process of asking and collecting a testimonial. 

This includes: 

* Requesting a testimonial 
* Client testimonial instructions 
* Testimonial follow-up
* Testimonial approval request

signed hard copy of best selling book
 'Massage Therapist success mindset'

Massage Therapist Success Mindset: Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur, is a must read for any bodywork professional who is frustrated with the lack of growth and direction in their career and wants to create much more than what they're currently doing right now.

The advice given in this book gives bodywork professionals an advantage in a highly competitive industry and helps overcome the limitations keeping them from success.

With the help of this best selling book, bodyworkers can accomplish more than they have ever done before within their careers and begin attracting quality repeat clients who are happy to pay higher prices for services.

As a GOLD PACKAGE member, you will get a signed copy absolutely free.

Weekly Payment Plan Available - See Details on Checkout Page

Here are what some past students are saying about the program

"I originally wanted to take this program for the goal setting portion as one of my business goals has always been to be booked 4-weeks in advance with clients. 

I have never been able to achieve this goal and after diving into the program, I had a HUGE awakening as to why! Unbeknownst to  me, I had made an unconscious decision to be invisible due to a negative experience I had as a child which I carried over into my career as an adult.

Through this program I began changing the old negative pattern into a new positive one, and within just two weeks of this shift, I am now booking 4 weeks and more in advance and have found a new, deeper passion for my work

I am so greatful for finding Richard and his program, and would recommend it to any massage therapist who is ready to make big changes in their outcomes."

Karrie M - Licensed Massage Therapist
Michigan, USA

"In this course I've learned to recognize my limiting beliefs and learned how you can reshape them into positive, rewarding ones.
Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals gives you the tools to recognize old emotions and paradigms sitting in your subconscious, which may be preventing you from achieving what you want. Richard teaches you to become the sculptor; to mold and use your emotions to their fullest potential toward building a successful 'you'.

I also really appreciated the feedback he provides for me and the other students. I love his positive spirit and it is so easy to talk to him, as if you've known him forever.

This material is so valuable and indeed the missing link toward understanding why you may not be as successful as you would like to be and how to begin taking your power back!"

Maya D - Licensed Massage Therapist
Colorado, USA


All packages include a 14 day money back guarantee & a payment plan option


$247 usd

Here is what you get with the Bronze Package:

  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Alumni Facebook Group Access
  • Monthly Open Coaching Invites

Payment Plan Available in Checkout



$347 usd

Here is what you get with the Gold Package:
  • Everything in the Bronze Package
  • Monthly Alumni Group Call Access
  • Niche Discovery Bootcamp Lifetime Program Access
  • Massage Therapist Roadmap to Great Client Testimonials Program
  • Signed Copy of the Best Selling Massage Therapist Success Mindset

Payment Plan Available in Checkout

"This course was extremely beneficial, and really helped me to realize how much my thoughts and perceptions were dictating my actions. By getting caught up in my limiting thoughts, I was allowing them to manifest into the outcomes I was getting.

I now have a much more positive outlook and as well as being much clearer about my niche, and where I want to market my business.This program really helped me to focus my thoughts and emotions on manifesting what is inside me, to begin reaching my potential."

Jamie L - Sports Massage Therapist
Louisiana, USA

"This course helped me uncovered thought processes that were holding me back from moving forward in my business.
It set some foundations that were beginning to happen for me but needed some major attention for me to get any traction on it.
I recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck, unproductive and who might be spinning their wheels. It will help you gain focus and traction in your life."

Renee B - Mobile Massage Therapist
Calgary, Alberta Canada


How much time do I need to invest in this program?

This is entirely up to you, but I recommend trying to spend at least 25 mins per day on the material. Here is the thing – you get out of the program what you put into it. I cannot manage your time, so it will be like anything that you dedicate yourself to, you want to make sure that you’re creating time and seeing it as a priority for yourself to learn and understand.  Repetition is powerful when it comes to this material.

How many Continuing Education Units can I get for this program?

The Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals program is eligible for 9 CEUs through the National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (USA).

How long do I have access to the program for?

You have access to the program for LIFE! Yeah, that means you can come back to this material anytime you'd like.

Will you be teaching me how to start my business?
No. I do not coach on the operational aspects of the industry. I set you up with the solid game plan and mindset that is absolutely crucial for success in the goal you’re headed toward.  That being said, you will have the private  Alumni Facebook group where other students are business owners and are more than happy to share their learning and experiences with you if you post questions in the group.

What if I don’t have a goal in mind for what I want to accomplish within my career or practice?

That’s totally fine, but it’s important to actively have this in your mind that part of your goal is the discovery of what you want in your career. You will be encouraged toward taking action, which is the best (and only) way to discover what you really want for yourself.

Is this program only for Massage Therapists?
Not at all! 
Even though the program is geared toward the massage industry, the information can
be applied to any service-based industry.  So, even if you work in reflexology, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, or any other healing-based profession, you can apply the knowledge you will learn to your practice.

Is there a refund policy in place for this program?

Yes. There is a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for this program which starts from the date of enrollment. Please see the terms & conditions at the footer of this page as conditions apply for full refunds.

When does the program start and end?

The program is self-guided / self-study, so you can start it and finish it whenever you'd like.

How will I be coached on the material in the BRONZE PACKAGE?

All programs are self-paced and self-study, that being said, you will have access to Richard via email ( for any general program questions. As well, you will have automatic free access to the Monthly Open Coaching Calls which is a benefit that all past and current students will get.

How will I be coached on the material in the GOLD PACKAGE?

All programs are self-paced and self-study, that being said, you will have access to Richard via email ( for any general program questions. As well, you will have automatic free access to the Monthly Open Coaching Calls which is a benefit that all past and current students will get.

Can you tell me about the Facebook Group that goes with this program?

When you enroll into the program, you will be given access to the Massage Therapist Success Mindset Alumni Facebook page, which is exclusive only to current students and alumni of the program. This is a very valuable added bonus as the support from like-minded massage therapists will help you keep the momentum going as you begin to implement your identified niche into you career.

How can I contact you if I have any questions?

You can reach me directly at or go to my website

How does it work if I want additional coaching?
As a student of MT Success Mindset, you will have access to additional private coaching sessions at a discounted rate. Please contact Richard directly for more information.

this program is perfect for you if...

You’re a new massage therapist getting your feet wet in the industry, and you want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success right out the gate.

You’ve hit a wall with your practice and you’re desperate to breathe some new life into your business so you can get your passion back.

You’ve been hearing about the importance of having a niche but are unsure of what that really means or where to even start, so you want to explore how that might look for you.

You’re tired of making excuses and ready to take action toward what it is you really want for your career and/or practice.

You’ve already taken a few other programs but lost that momentum and want to add to what you have already learned so you can start seeing some big results.

You struggle with a lack of confidence in your abilities to make a success out of yourself, and you need a supportive guide to help you move through past those limiting emotions

You’re serious about creating more fulfillment for yourself in your massage career and ready to invest in your own professional growth and development to get you there.

You’re ready to formulate and work toward an exciting goal for your career, and to specialize in something meaningful in within this amazing industry

If you said yes to at least 5 above, I can’t wait to see you in the
Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals online digital program.

Meet Your  COACH

Massage Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Richard J Platt is a Massage Therapist since 2002 and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2006, who studied in both Canada and Germany. Richard owned and operated a multidisciplinary wellness center before retiring from hands-on work in 2011.

Published Author

Richard is a Published Author of the book Massage Therapist Success Mindset - Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur. The book will be released in book stores such as Barnes & Noble in September 2020; however, you can access the advanced copy of this book directly through Richard.

Business Success Coach for Massage Therapists

Richard now focuses his time solely on coaching massage therapists and other body workers in bridging the gap between what they truly want in their careers and the achievement of it. He does this through progressively moving them toward clear articulation of their own audacious, exciting goals. Richard helps his students realize and create the careers they want to have, by showing them how to get out of their own way.