Richard J Platt is a Massage Therapist since 2002, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2006, who studied in Canada and Germany & Published Author of the book Massage Therapist Success Mindset - Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur.

 Richard now dedicates himself full time as a Professional Growth Coach for the massage therapy industry, and is known for his impactful online digital business coaching programs, Massage Therapist Success Fundamentals, Niche Discovery Bootcamp, Massage Therapist Roadmap to Great Client Testimonials, and more.

Through his extensive studies and training of the human mind, as well as his successful entrepreneurial experience of working both physically and mentally with clients for over 18 years, Richard utilizes his depth of knowledge to help his current students break through the many roadblocks that might be preventing them from creating success within their massage careers.

Richard has been privileged to have previously been trained and mentored under one of the world’s leaders in human growth and potential, Bob Proctor, who starred in the hit movie documentaries The Secret (2006) & Think and Grow Rich – The legacy (2017).

Richard now focuses his time solely on building professional growth education CEU courses for massage therapists and other body workers who are learning the success tools that are necessary for longevity and success within this quickly growing industry (pretty much everything about professional growth in your business and career that you didn’t learn in massage school).

Richard does this through progressively moving his students toward clear articulation of their own audacious, exciting goals to help his students realize and create the careers they want to have, by showing them how to get out of their own way.

Richard’s time is dedicated to the growth of his online professional development coaching business, and currently lives on the west coast of Canada, in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

To contact Richard directly for interviews or private coaching, please email